Monday, December 13, 2010

Baaa' Humbug. . .

Consumerism is the new religion. Buy, buy, buy!!! Even the most religious and by-the-book sheeple, oops, I mean people, are just tools of corporatism, the "Holiday Season" to the masses means "buy, buy, buy!" Buy all kinds of crap made in sweat shops and over seas factories to further run this country in the ground. Oh, happy day! 
Keep on shopping fat America, there's nothing to worry about.... As long as you do what "we" tell you. 

It's okay! Be good for Santa Claus!!! (a.k.a. Big Brother) He knows when you're asleep, he knows what you had to eat, he knows when you've been bad or good (because he fucks with you through subliminal messages and frequency manipulation to alter your behavior). He knows where you go and all the people you know... Ho! Ho! Ho! 

Here's a video, which might be more entertaining.. You're welcome. 

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