Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yo!! As if We Didn't Know: Big Bro = NWO...

Well, well, well... As if it is anything new how sneaky our "lawmakers" are on the daily.. It is part of how they got there in the first place... *Sighs* The sneaky sneak Senate has yet slipped another date rape drug in our ever so toxic cesspool of bullshit they shove down our throats of everyday life in the "Land of the Free." Totally NOT surprised.. Are you? (And IF you are, you have A LOT of waking up to do..) #just saying. 

Anyways, I doubt there will be a long wait for the time to come when 'they' violate us some more, forcibly and of course super sneaky as well as blatantly obvious, furthering their efforts to turn us into mutants with 24/7 live implantable RFID cyborg all-seeing-eye biometric-life history shit... We're kind of already there.. 


Oh! And the things yours truly has been saying all along, is, umm, yeah, DUH!!! 
Ha, ha!! Told you so! 
Baaa' baaa' baaa... Move along sheeple. . . .

One last thing, just because the article is talking about Florida specifically... What makes you think that this shit isn't everywhere??? Umm, well it is. Swinely Sheep isn't the only one that wouldn't be surprised one bit if it is even worse. **Ahem!!!** Unfortunately it is, and this shit 'aint' crackin'. Now what? You know, always being right does have its downfalls, but, that is just part of being awake and being totally awesome.  

There is a bright side!!! That's right! It starts from within you. Being a member of the herd is just absurd, enlighten yourself and feed your soul, then you will be happy with a bright beam of light and free as a bird. Ya dig?!?!! :)    
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